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CERNIT Opaline 2 oz Pink Nr 475

CE0 880 056 475

semi-opaque CERNIT OPALINE polymer clay block - 2 oz - Pink Nr 475

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The colors of the Cernit OPALINE range which are partially made with translucent clay, allow to create effects such as vitrified ceramics, porcelaine, and offer a subtle transparent clarity in surface and depth. They are perfect to imitate porcelaine, of course, but also to create organic matters like skin (carnation color), foliage, flower petals, some minerals, etc.

their composition make the color darken when baking, please look at the pictures of the lentils after baking to know the final color.
This clay being semi-opaque, it reveals the background color. It is therefore important to consider this property in your creations (see the presentation video of the range)
The OPALINE range has 14 colors in blocks of 56 g and also exists in 250 g (4 colors) and 500 g (4 colors)

CERNIT polymer clay is a modeling clay that hardens when baked at 110°C/230°F to 130°/266°F. The CERNIT clay is very soft, 1 on a scale of 4 (the firmest), its kneading time is shorter than for the other clays. Odorless, the clay doesn't stain hands nor working materials. All colors can be mixed together.


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CERNIT Opaline 2 oz Pink Nr 475

CERNIT Opaline 2 oz Pink Nr 475

semi-opaque CERNIT OPALINE polymer clay block - 2 oz - Pink Nr 475


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