Colors - Additives -


  • Acrylic paint
  • C. Friesen's Swellegant

    The Christi Friesen's Swellegant products allows you to create metallic effects, to age them, oxidize them, give a patina with several products.

  • Micro diamonds
  • Treasure Gold Gilding Wax
  • Inks

    14 ml Piñata Colors are beautiful, highly saturated, acid-free and transparent. Alcohol-based and moisture resistant when dry, Piñata Colors work well on practically any clean surface, from glass to plastic, polymer clay to metal.

  • WOW embossing powders & Sparkles

    The WOW embossing powders are extra-fine for a precise result. They are available in opaque colors, translucent, metallic… The range offers a large choice of shades, from hearthtones to metal, delicate mixed tones for subtle effects.

    Mixed with polymer clay, opaque, translucent, etc. embossing powder allows to create wonderful colors and effects. The powder can be used for surface effects on raw clay, it will reveal its beauty after baking.

  • Mica Powders
  • Microbeads


  • Pastels
  • Sands

    Colored sands to mix with clay, liquid polymer clay, to use on surface treatments etc.

  • Glitter

    Glitter, iridescent colors

  • Metal sheets