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Colors - Additives -


  • WOW embossing powders

    The WOW embossing powders are extra-fine for a precise result. They are available in opaque colors, translucent, metallic… The range offers a large choice of shades, from hearthtones to metal, delicate mixed tones for subtle effects.

    Mixed with polymer clay, opaque, translucent, etc. embossing powder allows to create wonderful colors and effects. The powder can be used for surface effects on raw clay, it will reveal its beauty after baking.

  • Pan Pastels
  • Inks
  • Powders & Flakes
  • Resin, UV resin, tint
  • Resin Inclusions, Embellishments,...

    Discover tens of wonderfull little gems and rhinestone to add to your polymer clay creations. Egyptian queen's crown, extraordinary insects, it's up to you to imagine magical applications.
    Whether you make notebook covers, fantasy animals or jewelry, these embellishments will bring brightness and color to your art.
    The round perlized, multicolored, gradient beads are splendid elements to include in your resin productions to create planets, galaxies and dream worlds.

  • Inka-Gold wax

    Easy to apply wax paste with elegant metallic shine. Water based, Inka gold dries while polishing and is weather-proof. Avalaible in 27 beautiful colors.

    Apply Inka gold thinly with a sponge in a circular motion, applying and polishing simultaneously, depending on the color intensity, in several thin coatings. You can achieve a patina effect by lightly wiping with Inka Gold. To apply on hard to reach places, such as 3D objects, use a lighty moistened brush. Polish when dried.

    To avoid impurity and to secure storage life: do not use Inka Gold directly from the jar. Remove the amount of paste as needed with a clean palette knife, for example.

    inka-gols color chart

  • Foils, metal sheets & flakes, transfers
  • Pigments & Dyi
  • Glitter