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Clays -


  • FIMO clays

    The FIMO modelling clay is oven-hardening at 110°C/265°F (30 mn for 6 mm thickness)

    Odorless, this clay exists in different product ranges : PROFESSIONAL, quiet firm for artists and advanced users, SOFT a softer clay, EFFECT for translucence, metallic, glitter etc., and KIDS developed specifically for children.

    Available in standard blocks (57 g/2 oz, 85 g/3 oz) or large blocks (350 g/12.34 oz) The block is pre-divided in 8 parts in an easy to open and reseal package.

  • SCULPEY Clays

    The Sculpey modelling polymer clay hardens in oven at 130° C (275° F) 30 mn for 6 mm thickness. This clay is soft, rank 2 on 4 (the firmest) and is easy to condition. Sculpey offers several ranges as : Premo (standard opaque clay), Sooufflé (innovative, lightweight, suede finish) or Accents (metallic, pearlized, translucent, granit, glitter)

    The Sculpey's clays comes in 57 g (2 oz) blocks, and some of them in 227 g (8 oz) blocks and 454 g (1 lb) blocks.

  • CERNIT clays

    Polymer clay which hardens in the oven at 110°C/230° F to 130°/266° F. The CERNIT clay is very soft, rank 1 on 4 (the firmest),

    The FIMO professional clay (former FIMO classic) is avalaible in 24 vibrant colors mixable among themselves and all others FIMO clays. Its kneading time is shorter than for the other clays. Odorless, the clay doesn't stain hands nor working materials. All colors can be mixed tohether.

    CERNIT offers 7 ranges : Number One (standard colors and porcelain-like finish), Glamour (perlescent and metallic effects), Translucent, Neon Light (neon colors), Nature (earth and stone effects), Shinny (effects), Doll (suitable for artists and doll makers with shades close to the skin colors)

    Avalaible in 56 g (2 oz) blocks, 250 g (8.8 oz) blocks or 500 g (17.6 oz).

  • PARDO clay
  • KATO clays

    The Kato modelling clay is a co-creation of the famous artist Donna Kato and the american company Van Aken. This clay has been espically designed to meet the requirements of the artists. Its high firmness allows a precise work, for canning or modelling.

    The recommended curing temperature for Kato Polyclay is between 275F (135C) and 325F (165C) for 30 minutes.

    The clay is available in 16 vivid colors, including pearl and metallic clays. The colors are mixable among themselves and are avalaible in standard blocks (56 g or 2 oz) or large blocks (354 g or 12.5 oz). This clay has a rank 4 on 4 (the firmest) and is, consequently, recommanded for professionals, artists and advanced users. Kato clay does not stain your hands when working. It gives off a plastic odor than can disturb the most sensitive people.

  • Liquid polymer & other polymer products

    The liquid polymer clay is a fluid polymer,with a gel consistency which hardens when baked at the same temperatures than the polymer clay. It remains flexible after baking. Uselly used translucent, it is also available colored (gold, white, black, silver etc.) et can be included in special projects or as un varnish to protect your creations anf make them shine.

    Several brands offer liquid polymer clay, some more fluid or more translucent...