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Disturbances in our emails delivery

What's happening ?

For some unknown reason, while we have sent tens of thousands of messages for years, access providers like Orange, Hotmail, Gmail etc. consider for several days that the emails sent by PolyStudio are spam and systematically block them.
You will therefore no longer receive any emails from us, whether those informing you of the status of your order (confirmation, preparation, shipping and tracking number etc.) or replies to your messages etc.

Our IT specialist is working hard to correct this unpleasant situation for everyone, but it may still take several days. We apologize for this technical issue.

What to do in the meantime?

Cookies, cookies are good!
Otherwise you can read the information below.

How to get information about your order?

Log in to your account on the shop:

  •     Click on your name at the top right
  •     “Order history and details”
  •     click on the order reference
  •     All information on the status of your order can be found in the “Follow your order step by step” section.
  •     under this section you will find the parcel tracking link "Click on the following link to track the delivery of your order"

How can you read our replies to your messages?

We receive your messages sent via the contact form and reply systematically.
You will not receive notification of our messages by email. We therefore advise you to consult your account as follows.

  • You can view these replies by logging into your account, a small window informs you of a new message at the top right. Click on it.
  • The messages are also available by doing
    • Click on your name at the top right
    • History and details of my orders
    • Click on the order reference
    • The messages can be read under the “Messages” section.