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Company closure

Dear customers,

I am above all a creator, an artist who is passionate about polymer clay. This is what led me to create PolyStudio in order to offer you products specially dedicated to this medium.
Those of you who run a small business on your own, like I do, know that we spend a lot of time on it, if not all of our time. Days, evenings, weekends, vacations, we are constantly thinking about it or dealing with it.
However, today I no longer find the time to work in my workshop, to try to bring to life the hundreds of ideas that fill my notebooks. I'm trying to start a project and the clay inevitably ends up collecting dust and cat hair on my work surface. It's extremely frustrating for me who is very creative...
In addition, in recent months, there has been a clear slowdown in the field of creative hobbies and sales are being affected, of course. It is quite understandable that the budget of creators is primarily devoted to essential expenses (energy, food, etc.) and that polymer comes last after everything else. Today the store no longer allows me to generate a minimum income.

I therefore decided to stop this activity and to devote myself again to creation with the aim of experimenting, testing new inspirations and possibilities, then proposing projects to teach during courses, imagining tutorials, share my passion, get my hands dirty, whatever!
I know that many of you will be sad or disappointed, my most distant customers (Japan, Baltic countries, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Americas etc.) my closest occasional or loyal customers, those who always left a little thank you note, those who ordered a lot, those who bought a little but did so to support my business...
I discovered some really nice people (and some downright undrinkable ones but we won't talk about them) and I did everything possible for as long as I could to serve you and advise you as best I could.
I invite you to take advantage of the exceptional promotions on the store to help me clear the stock and above all to please yourself, you will probably never see prices this low again!

Valérie Ronvel-Blaya aka Veesuel

P.S.: stay connected to PolyStudio through Facebook and Instagram because I may offer you one-off sales of products that I will discover, that I will find interesting or even that I will design...

Rest assured, the assistant cats will not be unemployed
they will now provide a purr/cuddle watch.

Be as the bird perched for an instant on the too frail branch which she feels bending beneath, but sings away all the same, knowing she has wings.
Victor Hugo