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Reduced price! 2 Waterflex sanding paper sheets grit 600 View larger

2 Waterflex sanding paper sheets grit 600

wat0600 x2

Pack of 2 Waterflex sanding paper sheets grit 600

dim : 9" x 11"

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Waterflex sanding paper sheets selected for you by PolyStudio for their high quality and durability superior to common quality products.

The abrasive paper Waterflex is made of an abrasive put on a latex layer, which makes the sheets very flexible, that facilitates its use on curved forms. It does not break, have an excellent stability and does not discolor.

This abrasive paper is available in grits : 360, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, on 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000.

Abrasives with the biggest grits (360 to 800) are the ones that wear the fastest because their abrasive power is more solicited, so think about ordering more.

It is recommended to soften your paper before using it. For that purpose, take the sheet by diagonally opposite corners and slide it against a straight and sharp edge (the non abrasive side on the edge, of course) to break the glue which maintains grits. Grains will remain fixed but teared off amongst themselves. This way, you soften the sheet while keeping all its abrasive qualities. Do not apply this method to micro-abrasives like MicroMesh !

Sanding with a water paper abrasive 

- after having sofened your paper (see above) soak your new sheets for a few minutes in water with some drops of washing up liquid.

- Begin with the biggest grit (that is the smallest number, for example grit 360) and continue with more and more thin grits. Avoid mising to much grits (do not jump of from grit 400 to grit 1000, for example) at the risk of having to make more effort and spend more time, especially in the biggest grits.

- Sand by making regular circular movements on all the surface of the piece.

- test the surface with your fingers to find zones to be perfected when sanding with the biggest grits. When the surface is regular and without bumps or hollow parts, go on with the following grit.

- Use the grits needed to obtain the wanted finish , mat or shiny. You can stop sanding at grit 800 or 1000 if you're looking for a mat finish. If you seek a shiny look you'll have to sand over theses grits and complete with buffing.

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2 Waterflex sanding paper sheets grit 600

2 Waterflex sanding paper sheets grit 600

Pack of 2 Waterflex sanding paper sheets grit 600

dim : 9" x 11"

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