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Nr 51 transfer VeroS


VeroS transfer sheet for polymer clay - Nr 51
Taille : 9 x 13,5 cm

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Veronika Sturdy, Czech artist now living in London, creates colorfu, playful and full of energy jewels. At start, she designed silk screens for her own use then she decided to offer them to us. You'll find various designs, from timeless geometrical pattern to blooming flowers or very personal creations. She also offers transfer sheets on fully soluble paper.

VeroS transfer sheets make it very easy to transfer an image onto polymer clay.
You get a clay sheet with impeccable and detailed patterns that can then be easily cut to create all the jewelry you can imagine.

  • impeccable, detailed patterns/images, in color or not
  • possibility to create models in series
  • speed and ease of use
  • 100% water-soluble paper
  • patterns/images renewed according to trends

How to use :

  • apply the printed side to a very smooth and clean sheet of clay. The results will be much better on a light color.
  • gently smooth to remove any bubbles
  • leave on for 10 to 15 minutes so that the ink transfers correctly to the clay
  • spray water on the sheet so that it soaks it completely
  • using a plastic card or the back of one of your blades, gently scrape the paper paste to remove it. Scrape gently so as not to mark the clay.
  • it is also possible not to water and gently peel off the paper, the image remaining on the clay
  • quickly use the sheet thus created, by cutting it, applying it to a support etc.
  • handle the printed clay sheet carefully, avoiding putting your fingers on the image which could be erased
  • note that the reference and the brand are printed at the bottom of your transfer, be careful not to use this part;)
  • bake normally at the temperature indicated by the manufacturer of the clay
  • after baking, remove the paper residue by running your pieces under running water and rubbing gently with the pulp of your finger to loosen the remains.
  • you can then protect the surface of your pieces by applying a layer of varnish, liquid polymer, resin, etc.

Screen settings and color profiles vary widely from device to device. As a result, the colors of your paper transfers may differ slightly from those displayed on the store.

Made in the Czech Republic


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Nr 51 transfer VeroS

Nr 51 transfer VeroS

VeroS transfer sheet for polymer clay - Nr 51
Taille : 9 x 13,5 cm

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