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10 Deli sheets


10 Deli sheets (color green or white following delivery)

Dim : 11 x 14 cm

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10 Deli sheets 11 x 14 cm (color green or white following delivery)

Uses :

working surface, on which clay doesn't stick. You can pull off your pièces without distortion.

baking surface. Your creations can be baked on these sheets, the back won't become shiny (as when baked on a ceramic or glass tile)

smoothing medium. Put the sheet on the surface to be smoothed (cane slices, mica shift, etc.) and smooth with your fingers or a roller. The coated paper allows a perfect smoothing without creasing marking the clay and without removal issue.

non porous paper which doesn't absorb clay plastiifer and allows to keep the clay qualities of your unbaked projects.

thinning paper. To obtain thinner clay sheets than the thinnest setting of your pasta machine, put a sheet of clay already rolled at the last setting between two Deli papers and roll it through the pasta machine at the slimest setting. Deli sheet won't crease (unlike usual baking paper)


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10 Deli sheets

10 Deli sheets

10 Deli sheets (color green or white following delivery)

Dim : 11 x 14 cm

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