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LC Tools Czextruder HD 2018


Stainless steel LC Tools Czextruder HD 2018
Dimensions  : 20 cm x Ø 2,3 cm

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Enjoy claying with the best extruder on the market !

LC Czextruder HD is a robust extruder for work with polymer clay. It shapes polymer clay by forcing it through LC Disk (extensions). LC Czextruder comes with a cranked handle for smooth and effortless extruding by hands and a cordless-drill extension for work with a cordless drill (a drill is not included).

Thanks to its high-quality materials and robust construction, this extruder will not quickly wear out like some cheap models. LC Czextruder is also a good helper for people with not very strong hands/arms/shoulders, for people who have to extrude a lot of clay or extrude some stiff clay.

Package includes :

  • Czextruder HD XXL (20cm) with handle and adapter for a cordless drill
  • Visual Helper for Czextruder
  • Spare o-rings 2pcs
  • LC Lubricant
  • LC Brush
  • Necessary screws

Preparation :

  • Loosen the jam nut using a mini wrench and unscrew the cordless drill adapter( or cranked handle) Then unscrew jam nut.
  • Attach the red visual helper at the end of the trapezoïdal thread. Place the srping and secure it with the jam nut. Leave about 5-8 mm space for the cordless drill adapter (or the cranked handle)
  • Now screw the cordless drill adpater (or the cranked handle) to the threaded rod. Tighten the jam nut using a mini wrench to hold the cordless drill adapter or the handle in its place.
  • Czextruder is now ready for use. Spin the handle/cordless drill adapter until the upper cap of the Czextruder reaches the red visual helper. You must stop extruding at this point. Otherwise there is a possibility that the mechanism can get stuck.

How to use your Extruder

  • Choose the disc you want to use. Insert it in the end cap.
  • If the cylinder with 2 o-rings is in the barrel, push it with the threaded rod by turning the crank. Then unscrew completely the threaded rod. Unscrew the cap on the crank side and take it off to obtain a totally empty barrel.
  • Place the cylinder with 2 o-rings is in the barrel ad push it about 2 cm inside. On this side, put the the threaded rod + cap + crank.
  • Insert the clay into the barrel on the other side.
  • Screw the end cap containing the chosen disc.
  • Using the handle (or drill with adapter), screw the rod until the visual helper reaches the barrel. Do not overscrew ! The rod will push the clay through the disc.

Maintenance tips

For a long life of your extruder, we advise you to maintain it regularly. Take the Czextruder apart and clean all the pieces, remove the piston o-rings and clean the groove. Lightly grease the screw and o-ring to facilitate gliding and reduce wear.

To discover technical or creative videos, please take a look at LC Tools YT channel :


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LC Tools Czextruder HD 2018

LC Tools Czextruder HD 2018

Stainless steel LC Tools Czextruder HD 2018
Dimensions  : 20 cm x Ø 2,3 cm


Czextruder 2018 with the new Visual Helper

LC Disk 8

LC Lubricant


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