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FIMO Pro extruder + 20 discs


FIMO Pro extruder + 20 discs + 3 extra o-rings + 1 blade + 1 manual + 1 storage box

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As for the pasta machine, the clay-gun is an essential tool to work with polymer clay. It allows to create clay strings with several shapes (square, round, oval, flower etc.) to make hairs, plants, or just regular strings. But the extruder is also obligatory to create original canes (Klimt cane, Retro Pixel cane, 3D canne, for example)

The FIMO extruder, with his comfortable and ergonomic crank handle allows  an effortless rotation. The manual offers several techniques and easy to make creations with the 20 supplied discs.

How to use your Extruder

  • Choose the disc you want to use. Insert it in the end cap.
  • Using the handle, unscrew the pushing rod to make room for the clay.
  • Knead a small amount of clay. It must be warm and soft enough for an easy extruding.
  • Roll clay into an oblong shape and insert it into the barrel.
  • Screw the end cap containing the chosen disc.
  • Using the handle, screrw the plunger to push the clay through the disc. The smaller the orifice of the disc, the more force is required to extrude the clay.
  • Never pull the rod out with clay still inside the barrel. This will create a vacuum suction and could break the plunger off from the rod.

Maintenance tips

For a long life of your extruder, we advise you to maintain it regularly. Take the Extruder apart and clean all the pieces, remove the piston o-ring and clean the groove with a toothpick. Lightly grease the screw and o-ring to facilitate gliding and reduce wear.


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FIMO Pro extruder + 20 discs

FIMO Pro extruder + 20 discs

FIMO Pro extruder + 20 discs + 3 extra o-rings + 1 blade + 1 manual + 1 storage box


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