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Chameleon powder Pinky brown Khaki


0,2 g jar Chameleon powder Pinky brown Khaki
3,5 x 3,5 cm jar

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Sumptuous colors changes in the blink of an eye !

The Chameleon powders have the distinctive feature to show different colors according to the angle of view, the inclination of the surface, the ambient light etc. They are made with very thin pigments and offer a chrome radiance with very intense colors. Each one shows 2 or 3 different colors like, green and fuchsia, gold and copper, blue and violet etc.
Applied on polymer clay they create captivating variation effects, with shimmering and powerful colors, on resin or on your nails the chrome effect will be even more visible.
For an optimal result, on polymer clay, resin (or even on your nails) the background must be black (or very dark)

  • This powder is very covering, a small quantity is necessary to coat the surfaces.
  • On polymer clay, apply with a soft brush or a powder applicator, by dabbing, whithout overcharging, above the jar to let the exceed fall in it. After baking protect with a varnish, resin or liquid polymer clay. Colors get more depth and shine.
  • If using with resin, do not mix with it, the effect won't work. Apply on the mold, cast the resin (colored in a dark color to obtain the best effect) Demold.

Do not sneeze over the jar (:D)
Note : the powders are sold by weight, not by volume. Some powders being denser than others they naturally take less volume in the jar. Volume can differ according to the color, some jars seeming to conatin more powder than others but each jar contains the indicated weight.


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Chameleon powder Pinky brown Khaki

Chameleon powder Pinky brown Khaki

0,2 g jar Chameleon powder Pinky brown Khaki
3,5 x 3,5 cm jar

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