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Swellegant Patina Gold - Green verdigris


Christi Friesen's Swellegant Patina Gold - Green verdigris

2 oz bottle

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The Swellegant Patinas allow you to age, rust, give a patina to to Metal Coatings. It's not a tint, but a true reaction between metal partciles in the Metal Coating and the Patina wich will create a very natural oxidization and beautiful ageing.

Patinas are available with different effects:

  • Darkening for Silver
  • Tiffany Green/Rust to to rust Iron and oxidize Copper, Brass and Bronze with a blue/green shade.
  • Gold green/verdigris for verdigris oxidization on Copper, Brass and Bronze with a gold/green shade.
  • Sky Sapphire for a blue oxidization for Copper, Brass and Bronze.

Patinas work better on moist surfaces. Before using Patina, you have to put a thin layer of Metal Coating if your creation is already dry.

To apply Patinas, you ca use a sponge to soak well the Metal Coating, but also brushes, paper towels, sprays, pour directly on the piece, etc.

Like Metal Coatings, Patinas can be mixed together. Trials can reveal amazing results.

You can also mix Patinas with Dye Oxides which are going to melt with Patinas and Metals to change their color, add details, tint some parts, etc.

Let rest your piece so that the oxidization reaction can happen. Christi Friesen recommends to let the piece between 12 and 24 hours so the reaction can be fully completed and the piece dry.

Reaction times differ according to the Patinas:

  • Darkening acts quite fast
  • The 3 other Patinas need 12 to 24 hours to be fully completed.

If at any moment after using Patina you feel the oxidization is sufficient, you can stop it by damping your piece in distilled water. Let it dry and proceed with dyeing or Sealant.

Material can be cleaned with soapy water.

After drying and the completed reaction,  you may feel the oxidization is too important. Spread a Metal Coating layer on reliefs to accentuate them. Put a small amount of Metal Coating on a paper sheet so the paper absorbs  its humidity and the Metal Coating becomes thicker like a wax. Rub the Metal Coating on the paper with your finger and paint the reliefs to mark the areas you want to highlight. Once again, you can mix Metal Coating colors to create your own shades.

Let dry or apply immediately Dyes.

Formore details and instructions for this product line, see the video below:


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Swellegant Patina Gold - Green verdigris

Swellegant Patina Gold - Green verdigris

Christi Friesen's Swellegant Patina Gold - Green verdigris

2 oz bottle


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